About Us

Our Mission

aMEGAPixel Party PhotoboothIt is our mission to turn your event ideas into reality. Regardless of the event or amount of guests...from corporate to small family gatherings; we are here to help! Please send your questions by e-mailing us and we'll respond within 24-48 hrs. If you need an immediate response...don't hesitate to call us 419.202.1401.

Our family is a little more on the "creative" side (which you will notice once you view all of our add-on and prop-box options! You'll get a FABULOUS party favor addition to your event and we get to help you create a UNIQUE experience for you and your guests. Your guests will be talking for years to come (and viewing)!

Because we are family owned, we understand the importance of creating a spectacular event and staying within a budget! Keeping this in mind we PROMISE to make your event as special as you are. If there is anything we may not be able to offer at this time, we can help you locate what you are looking for by referring you to other businesses that may be able to help you create a spectacular event from every angle.

MEGApixel FUN!

Photo Booth Fun!A MEGApixel Party photo booth may be new to the scene but we're old at... HAVING FUN!

We are a family owned PHOTO BOOTH RENTAL business, located in Northern O-H-I-O.  We've started this business because we've always had a passion for entertaining, photography (as a hobby) and just plain 'ole FUN.  A photo booth is a perfect fit, from our place to YOURS!

Of course, everyone has heard of Photo Booths and most everyone has used a Photo Booth at one point their life - but not everyone has heard of the "traveling or portable" Photo Booths.  Once we heard of them we could not wait to see what all the rave was about. And...here we are...offering event services with our own Photo Booth combining the things we LOVE to do!!